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How It Works

If you like the free sample brands, you can go on to buy them at your favorite grocery, drug or discount store.

Tell us a little about your brand preferences and Free Sample Surprise will mail you free trial size samples, with absolutely no cost to you - EVER!

When you signup with us (see the "Register" box in the upper right corner of this page), we'll ask you a few simple questions about the types of free samples, products and brands that you like. That's because we work to match you and your family's needs to the free samples we have available.

We really enjoy giving you the opportunity to try new brands that we think you might like, but maybe you just haven't had the chance before. We never sell you anything, We'll only send you free samples, special deals, valuable coupons, rebates and money saving offers to try new brands you might like!

We'll also take note of your preferences, and when new sample offers become available in the future that seem to match your needs, we'll send you a "Free Sample Surprise Alert" email, asking you to return to this website and answer a few simple questions. Nothing difficult, nothing to study for. ;-)

If you qualify for one or more of the free trial size sample offers, we'll tell you exactly what the brand name is, and you can say yes or no, as to whether you want to receive it. If yes, we'll mail it directly to your home, no strings attached. And we always include free shipping. Try it, and if you like it, you can buy the brand on your next shopping trip to your favorite store. The only things you'll hear from us afterwards might be an occasional email containing an educational or promotional message, and brief follow-up email surveys to see what brands you like most after having tried the free sample(s).

So sign up today to become eligible to receive our Free Sample Surprise freebie offers, and we'll alert you to free sample opportunities whenever they are available. And look for our "Free Sample Surprise Alert" emails that announce new sample offers that match your preferences.

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How Are You Able to Mail Me Samples for Free?

It's a fun, no-cost way to try brands that are new to you!

Free Sample Surprise works with leading consumer goods companies who want you to experience and learn about their popular brand name products, without any cost whatsoever. If you get a free trial of their product and decide it's something you like, and find a new brand that fits your needs, they hope you'll then go on to buy it at your favorite store. Many times we'll also include a valuable coupon or special deal to save you money on the first purchase of new brands you discover. Maybe you'll even decide you like it so much that you'll continue buying the brand for many years to come. We're pretty sure you'll find some new favorites once you try them. That's why we help you try samples for free, with many happy surprises to come!

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What Brand Names Are Available?

Our participating brands vary a lot. We work with reputable companies in a variety of product categories to source free food samples, baby care samples, beauty and cosmetic samples, health care samples, pet related samples, household care & cleaning samples, etc, etc. Samples for the young, middle age, and for seniors. One thing our sponsors all have in common, is that they are leading brands that are household names you'll recognize immediately. They're the brands you see on TV and in magazines that are available everyday at your favorite grocery, drug and discount stores. But if we told you their names now, then it wouldn't be a surprise!

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Yes, The Samples Really Are FREE!

Everyone appreciates a surprise gift, especially when it's well matched to them!

You'll never pay a single cent for anything you receive from Free Sample Surprise.

We don't charge for samples, we never ask for a credit card, and shipping is always free as well. And in many instances, we'll also include a savings coupon or rebate to save you money on the first purchase of the new brands that you go on to discover. So grab some really free stuff to try!

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Why Is It a Surprise?

Doesn't everybody like a pleasant surprise? They brighten your day and make life's chores a little easier. That's especially true when a surprise gift (in our case a free sample) is well matched to you. But everybody is different. One size does not fit all. That's why we try to learn a little about you, and match free samples to your needs, hopefully for brands that you've never had a chance to try before. Whenever we find a match, we'll show you the sample, tell you the brand name, and give you the option of receiving it or not. So even though it's a surprise at the beginning, we'll let you in on the secret, so you can decide whether you want the free sample or not.

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Special Seasonal Offers

Sometimes we'll feature special offers that are timed for spring, summer, fall or winter seasons. It might be a free sample offer for back-to-school time, or to keep you healthy during the winter, or offers to help you enjoy various holidays with family and friends. Seasonally timed samples and valuable coupons are all part of the surprise!

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How Do I Begin?

Register in the upper right corner of this page, and tell us the types of product categories you'd like to try for yourself and your family. We need your postal address so that we know where to mail your free samples. If a free sample offer is available when you register, we'll ask you about the brands you prefer for certain product categories. If we can match you to a free sample at that time, you'll be asked whether you want that specific brand. You can say yes or no, it's entirely up to you to control the types and brands of samples that we mail to you. You're in complete control. So signup now using the "Register" box located in the upper right corner of this page!

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Are Free Samples Always Available?

Watch for our Free Sample Surprise Alert emails, and respond quickly to grab your free samples!

Unfortunately not. Because our freebies are truly no-cost, with no hidden catches, we run out of samples fairly often. We typically start with a minimum of at least 1,000 free samples for every offer we post, and quite often we have many more samples than that. But because of the popularity of the brand names we feature, which frequently include money saving coupons as well, our sample supplies get requested in large volumes very quickly, and we can run out shortly after they are offered. That's why it's important for you to respond quickly when you see our "Free Sample Surprise Alert" arrive in your email. After all, the early bird catches the worm - or, in this case the free sample!

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How Will My Privacy Be Protected?

We take your privacy very seriously, by adhering to these practices: 1) We will never share your name or individual information with any of our sponsors or any outside parties, unless it's for the sole & limited purpose of mailing a free sample or offer to you. We use the postal address and product usage information that you supply, only so that we may send you appropriate samples and offers matched to your preferences. We do not provide this information for any other purpose. 2) Our website is built with security protection that is the gold standard in the industry (SSL, 256-bit encryption to be exact). That's the same level of security used by financial institutions. But we'll never ask for a credit card, so we won't have your sensitive information in our possession. 3) You may easily change or delete any of the information you supply to us, by logging into your account and going to the "My Profile" tab to submit changes. 4) You may opt-out of all future communications from us by logging into your account and going to the "Cancel My Account" tab, where you can permanently delete all information and cancel communication from us. 5) See our Privacy Policy link at the bottom of every page for more details.

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Free Sample Offer Requirements

Our only requirements are that: you be age 18 years or older, live in the U.S. and that you intend to use the free samples for your own or your family's personal use. There is a strict limit of one sample per offer per household, and supplies are very limited. If we detect that someone is trying to use fraud to obtain more than one sample of a particular offer, that person's membership in Free Sample Surprise will be permanently suspended.

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About Us

Free Sample Surprise is managed by The Dialogue Company, Inc. ( of Pennington, NJ. We've matched consumers with over 20 million free samples since our founding in 1991. We believe everyone should have the right to try quality products for free, to experience and learn about a brand that can help them solve a problem, fill a need, or simply enjoy for their own well being. Whether it's for you, your family, or for your pet - we place free trial size samples into the hands of the right people at the right time and place.

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